In Certain Cases Involving Drug Crimes, Drug Court a Possibility

Those in Ohio who are charged with certain drug offenses may have the option to have their cases moved to drug court. In short, drug court offers a court-supervised treatment program for drug addiction. Drug crimes are not taken lightly by the state, so there are very specific qualifications one must meet in order to have his or her case moved to drug court. If you are admitted into this treatment program, criminal punishment may be waived if it is successfully completed.

Going to drug court requires a long-term commitment. You will be required to attend meetings, submit to drug testing, make court appearances and attend therapy sessions with an approved counselor. This can last for several months to over a year. If you fail to stick to the program in its entirety, your case will be sent back to the criminal court system for prosecution.

Drug court has many rules and regulations that are incredibly strict. Compliance is non-negotiable. To learn more about drug crimes, drug court and how an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you with your case, please take a moment to visit our firm's website.

In Ohio, as in other states, the drug court program has helped quite a few individuals in overcoming their drug addictions, allowing them to move forward and lead more productive lives. It has also assisted in reducing criminal justice system costs as fewer people are being sent to jail. While not all drug crimes cases can be moved to drug court, if you believe yours qualifies and think that taking this step would serve your best interests, you -- alongside legal counsel -- can petition the court for admittance into this treatment program.

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