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Andrew Stevenson

Attorney At Law & Doctor of Philosophy in Criminology

I first began doing legal research in my father’s law office as a teenager. Though I took some time away to study and teach criminology, my innate desire to help others on a more personal level eventually led me back to the practice of law.

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Regardless of the challenge you’re up against, I’ll be the strength that guides you through.

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Relentless Investigation

Lawyers who rely solely on their "courtroom panache" will often fall short. I work in close collaboration with Athens private investigator Stan Molnar to make sure every shred of evidence is available to defend my clients. 

Extensive Insight

I have over 20 years' experience in criminal defense, a Ph.D., and extensive knowledge of forensics. Furthermore, I am a graduate of the National Criminal Defense College (NCDC), where I received advanced criminal defense and trial training.

Unwavering Commitment

While I realize that all attorneys claim they are committed, I strongly believe that I empathize with all of my clients. By limiting my practice in the number and types of cases I handle, I am able to more effectively address the needs of each individual.

“what I don’t already know, I will learn.”

Applying the Scientific Method to the Law

My criminology background introduced me to a proven way to evaluate hypotheses and make new discoveries, and I have found that the same process can be used to prepare for my criminal cases today. It is my belief, after all, that the best attorneys never cease to expand their base of knowledge.

How My Approach Benefits You

Due to my scientific training and my personal philosophy, I am willing and able to handle the most complex of cases. Rather than relying on the same static knowledge I learned from my legal textbooks years ago, I continually seek to learn and grow in ways that benefit each and every one of my clients. 

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Prominent Results

Stories of Success in Lancaster, Athens, & Beyond

Campus Sexual Assault

College student was accused of rape after engaging in consensual sex. I conducted a thorough investigation and then developed and deployed a defense strategy.

No criminal charges or punishments from the university.

Possession of Cocaine

Client was charged with felony possession of cocaine after being pulled over for speeding. After review of the facts, the vehicle search was found to be illegal and the client was offered diversion. 

Case dismissed and sealed.

Allegations of Murder

Client was attacked by an unarmed assailant. A physical fight ensued and the attacker died as a result. At trial I was able to successfully reconstruct the events as self-defense, as well as present the history of attacker.

Verdict ruled "Not Guilty."

Title IX Disciplinary hearings are on the rise

here’s what you should know about the process

The Title IX amendment was first created to eliminate sex-based discrimination on college campuses. Today, however, Title IX is most often referenced in relation to university sexual assault investigations. If you've been notified that you are involved in such an investigation, there are a few things you should know. 

How Title IX Came About

For years, sexual assault survivors and advocacy groups rallied for allegations of rape and assault to be taken more seriously by school administrations. While they voiced valid concerns, Title IX revisions made in 2011 began pressuring colleges into pressing charges without sufficient evidence. In essence, they allowed someone to be convicted by a preponderance of the evidence, or, in other words, if they merely appeared “more likely to be guilty than not.”

The Rules Today

Though the preponderance of evidence standard was recently overturned in 2017 in favor of more thorough investigations, some universities continue to operate under the old Title IX guidelines out of habit or misguided perspectives, as many believe that accusers are rarely dishonest.  

Why You Need an Attorney on Your Side 

In order to ensure that you benefit from the same rights and advantages as the accuser in your hearing, it is best to seek experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel. Contact my office to schedule your free case evaluation today, or visit my Title IX Hearings page to learn more.

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