Andrew H. Stevenson, Attorney At Law: Dedicated Criminal Defense Lawyer

An Accomplished, Committed And Well-Trained Attorney

Experience and training:

I have over 20 years' experience in criminal defense, a Ph.D. and an extensive knowledge of forensics. I am a graduate of the National Criminal Defense College (NCDC), where I received advanced criminal defense and trial training. I have a wealth of experience in successfully defending clients against complex and serious criminal charges, including murder, rape, false accusations of child abuse, and other violent crimes and misdemeanors. I am certified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in the Administration of OVI field sobriety tests.

Courtroom ability:

In the courtroom, I have been described as charismatic, effective and passionate. I communicate well with jurors, have very strong presentation skills and combine them with a "stage presence." My extensive trial experience, my advanced training at NCDC and my public speaking abilities give me command of the courtroom. I recently spent more than seven hours preparing an opening statement. The 15-minute opening was delivered from memory, no notes, no podium and no special effects, just me standing alone before the jury. For all practical purposes, we had won the case when I sat down.

Commitment and effort:

I realize that all attorneys claim they are committed, but I strongly believe that I empathize with my clients, work hard to find both long- and short-term solutions, and have a general concern for those I represent. I take very seriously the trust my clients place in me to defend them. By limiting my practice in terms of the number of cases I handle as well as only handling criminal cases, I am able to more effectively address the needs of each client.

Preparation and investigation:

I am always prepared for trial. I have never handled a trial for which I was not prepared. Lawyers who rely solely on their "courtroom panache" will often fall short. I often work in close collaboration with Athens private investigator Stan Molnar to make sure every shred of evidence is available to defend my clients. My extensive trial preparation and presentation skills allow me to deliver a case theme and story with a powerful and effective combination of facts and passion.