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I don't think it's a surprise to anyone: college kids drink alcohol, sometimes too much of it, and when that happens negative consequences may result. In some cases, the consequences are simple, but all too often drinking among college students can result in criminal charges for underage drinking or other related charges, some of which can be serious enough to destroy an otherwise promising young person's future.

Without a strong criminal defense to protect you against a conviction, you or your child could face jail time, fines and serious limitations for future educational and career prospects. I am a criminal defense attorney representing Ohio University students against drug-related crimes and other college crimes. I have more than 25 years of legal experience and offices in both Athens and Lancaster.

My message to parents of college students: I understand the importance of the charges you're dealing with, and I am committed to using all of my resources to get these charges dismissed if possible, and if not, minimize the damage that criminal charges can cause.

I defend clients against alcohol-related crime charges, including:

  • Underage drinking crimes: Underage possession or consumption of alcohol is a common crime for younger college students who have not yet reached legal drinking age, and when underage drinkers run from the police they could also be charged with obstruction of justice.
  • Drug possession: Marijuana, cocaine and other drugs often accompany alcohol at college parties, resulting in possession and other criminal charges.
  • Sex crimes: Obviously, when college kids are drinking, they can lose their sense of propriety. Many of these situations result in rape accusations or other serious sex crime charges.
  • Assault/disorderly conduct: When young people have been drinking, they often make bad decisions. I defend clients against charges involving fights, public drunkenness, obstruction of justice, resisting arrest and other forms of disorderly conduct.

In many cases, I use my extensive knowledge and training in forensics and criminology to break down the evidence and fight to get my clients' charges dismissed, and I have a remarkable track record of defending my clients. Without exception, I use my public speaking abilities as an asset in the courtroom, my firm commitment and effort, and thorough preparation for every client I re present.

However, in some cases, there is simply no avoiding a "guilty" sentence, and in those cases I always fight to get my clients the best outcomes possible. For young people facing their first offense for minor alcohol crime charges, the courts often offer diversion programs and other alternative sentencing options that could minimize the consequences of a conviction.

What Clients Are Saying

  • “Mr. Stevenson cared about our son as a person. He listened. He was available, responsive and kept us informed.”

  • “The most professional in communication, often going above to satisfy our schedules and location of residence.”

  • “Ability to successfully negotiate has eliminated many courtroom hours, while his ability as a trial lawyer wins cases.”

  • “Respectful, dedicated and trustworthy. Andrew was extremely helpful in resolving a legal issue of mine.”

  • “He kept me well informed of the progress with my case and quickly responded to any questions I had.”

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