Weapons Crimes

Strong Defense Against Weapons Crimes

There is often confusion surrounding weapons laws. You may have the right to possess a firearm and a valid permit to do so, and still find yourself arrested or charged with a weapons violation. To protect your rights, speak with an experienced criminal defense lawyer. You can face serious charges and harsh penalties for a weapons crime. Whether you were unjustly charged or you violated the law, you have a right to a vigorous defense.

With more than 20 years of criminal defense experience, I am committed to protecting the rights of gun owners and anyone charged with a weapons violation in Ohio.

You Could Be Facing A Prison Sentence If Convicted

Dangerous and illegal weapons can include a wide range of items such as handguns, automatic firearms, sawed-off shotguns, knives, straight razors, brass knuckles, nunchucks and billy clubs. You can be charged just for possessing many of these items. Additional weapons charges include:

  • Carrying a concealed weapon (CCW)
  • Open carry of firearms
  • Improper handling in a vehicle
  • Weapons under disability
  • Assault with a dangerous weapon

Weapons charges can also be used to enhance the penalties for other crimes. If you carried or used a firearm or weapon during the commission of a crime, the penalties for conviction of that crime may be drastically increased. Even if the weapon is not used to commit the crime, you may face increased penalties for carrying the weapon during the offense. Increased penalties typically include longer prison sentences.