Defending Against Burglary Charges In Ohio For Over 20 Years

Burglary is a far more common charge than people think. The charge is not just limited to nighttime stealthy thefts of audio/video equipment. A burglary charge can be brought even if nothing is taken. In Ohio, a burglary charge requires only that a person trespass in an occupied structure with the intent to commit a crime, any crime. Domestic disputes between friends and family can result in burglary charges if the accused fails to leave when asked to do so. Sometimes, youthful offenders try self-help to recover personal possessions from friends and find themselves facing a burglary charge. If you have been charged with burglary, don't wait. get the legal help you need now.

Put My Experience To Work For You

I am Andrew H. Stevenson, Attorney at Law. With over 20 years' criminal defense experience, a Ph.D. in criminology and a commitment to defending people charged with burglary and other violent crimes, let my experience and training work for you. Working with a private investigator, we will gather all of the facts necessary to effectively defend you. I will also work to protect you and your constitutional rights. I am always prepared when I enter the courtroom. I put my training, experience and public speaking skills to work to deliver factual, impassioned arguments and examinations that are compelling to judges and juries.