College Crimes

Representing Ohio University Students In Athens

Protecting Your Family's Future

If you are a college student facing criminal charges, or if you are a parent of an Ohio University student facing charges, I can help.

When a college student is charged with a crime, there is a lot at stake. The potential of expulsion or losing a scholarship, jail time, fines and severe limitations for future career prospects all come into play. Now is the time to get the strongest defense available.

I am a dedicated attorney with more than 20 years of criminal defense experience, a Ph.D. in criminology and extensive knowledge regarding forensic evidence. I combine this knowledge and training with a charismatic courtroom presence, intense commitment and effort, and thorough preparation in every one of the cases I handle.

I know how serious it is when a college student faces criminal charges. Read my message to parents and my message to students. My goal is to defeat the charges and protect your family's future.

The Three Main College Crimes

Although a "college crime" can be any crime committed by someone in college, and I can provide defense against any type of criminal charge, the three most common charges I handle for college students are:

  1. Alcohol charges: Binge drinking is almost a rite of passage — it is so common in college. However, this time-honored tradition often leads to serious criminal charges, including DUI, underage consumption, disorderly conduct and other charges. In fact, the other two crimes on this list often start with excessive alcohol consumption.
  2. Sex crime charges: Sexual assault or date rape is the most common sex crime allegation against college students. These charges can also lead to suspension and expulsion from the university. The emergence of "yes means yes" laws also makes it vital that you have a strong and experienced attorney on your side. I also defend clients against importuning, gross sexual imposition and other sex-related charges.
  3. Drug crime charges: I defend college students charged with possession of drugs (marijuana, cocaine, prescription pills, heroin, amphetamines, etc). I also represent clients accused of trafficking, cultivation and other drug crimes.

"Mr. Stevenson cared about our son as a person. He listened. He was available, responsive and kept us informed. Mr. Stevenson's knowledge of the court system and specifically our community contacts was invaluable to assisting with our defense. He believed and advocated for our young son to give him a second chance. We were fortunate to have found someone who cared as much as we did."

∙ Helen

Dealing With The University

Students accused of sexual assault or other crimes may also face suspension or expulsion from Ohio University. Title IX mandates that colleges and universities take sexual assault accusations seriously, and they do. As a result, if your criminal case is not handled properly, you may also face consequences with the university. I can help.