Sex Crimes

Defending Against Sex Crime Charges In Ohio

Violent sex offenses have severe penalties that include lengthy prison sentences as well as having to register on Ohio's sex offender registry. Less serious sex crime charges can still seriously affect your life and damage your reputation. Simply being accused of a sex crime can ruin your career and relationship with your family. Regardless of your innocence or guilt, you need a lawyer who will protect your rights.

With 20 years of criminal defense experience, I can represent you if you were charged with sex offenses ranging from possession of child pornography to rape/gross sexual imposition (GSI) and sexual battery. I have offices to serve clients in Lancaster and Athens, Ohio. When you are charged with a sex crime, law enforcement and the public often presume that you are guilty. If you work with me, you will have an attorney on your side who fights all the way and will take your case as far as necessary.

Strategic Defense And Thorough Case Preparation

Conviction of a felony sex crime includes penalties such as a prison sentence and sex offender registration. The following sex offenses are felonies:

  • Rape/GSI
  • Sexting/pandering obscenity
  • Sexual battery
  • Unlawful sexual conduct with a minor
  • Importuning/Internet sex crimes
  • Child pornography

During my career, I have defended people charged with each of these crimes. I have also handled high-profile sexual battery cases involving teachers and students. I understand the sensitive nature of these cases and that many times, false allegations are involved. In cases that center on the relationship between the accused and accuser, I will carefully examine that relationship. Did the alleged victim have motivation to ruin your life or have you sent away to prison? This is a critical element of many sex crime cases.

In order to successfully defend false allegations of rape/gross sexual imposition (GSI), it is imperative that the case be thoroughly investigated. One must talk with the witnesses, consider the nature and circumstances of the "initial disclosure," and locate or find the reasons behind the false accusations. This is why I use the investigative services of Stan Molnar. Together we work tirelessly to build the strongest defense possible. We recognize and take seriously the fact that the rest of your life is at stake.

In cases with forensic evidence available, I will thoroughly examine it to determine admissibility. Was it collected and stored properly? Were the results conclusive? Because of my experience with complex violent crimes, I understand forensics and work with experts when appropriate.