Speaking Engagements


Andrew is recognized as a dynamic, engaging and entertaining speaker. He has the ability to engage the audience right from the start and hold people's interest throughout. He educates while he entertains. His delivery and presentation style helps people remember and use what was said. Andrew speaks to legal organizations, attorneys, various civic organizations and schools. He presents on a variety of topics and can be life-changing for those listening. Please contact him should you wish for him to speak for you or for more information.


  • DNA: Andrew has spoken throughout Ohio and the United States on defending DNA evidence. He presents DNA evidence to lawyers in a language they can understand. His lecture presents a unique blend of the science of DNA with a practical step-by-step guide to lawyers on how to examine, defend and challenge DNA evidence in criminal cases.
  • Cellphones: Andrew provides an enlightening and frightening look into an individual's most personal possession: the cellphone. He explains what information is actually stored on your phone and what a forensic extraction of the information on your phone will tell people about you. He also shows how information on your cellphone can be "stolen" and what to do to protect your privacy and security.
  • Your rights and how to never have to use them: Targeted toward high school students, this is a presentation that addresses the very real legal and personal consequences of drugs, sex and cellphones for teenagers. Andrew combines straightforward information about the legal consequences of drug possession and use, illegal underage sexual activity, including texting, and the dangers of cellphones with dramatic and emotional stories of real-life cases.
  • Parents: What you need to know to protect your teenagers: This is a straightforward presentation to parents about the personal and legal challenges their sons and daughters may face. Andrew addresses the legal and personal consequences of drug use, underage sex and cellphone misuse. He provides parents with insight and practical ideas on how to prevent teenage mishaps as well as what to do should their child face personal or legal problems.
  • Custom topics: Should you wish for Andrew to speak on a particular subject not listed above, please feel free to contact him to discuss.

Recent Speaking Engagements

Ohio State Bar Association

  • Title: A Lawyer's Guide to Understanding and Challenging DNA Evidence in Criminal Cases and Legal Ethics and Conflicts.   -   Saturday, December 2   -   Columbus, Ohio
  • For any attorney who has received a DNA report and wondered if the conclusions were accurate and how to present or defend the evidence in court, this program is for you. From serology to statistics, Andrew H. Stevenson, Esq. will educate attendees about the important steps in DNA analysis and, more importantly, teach participants how to obtain, review and interpret DNA data for themselves. Guidance will be provided on areas of cross-examination as well as ethical issues surrounding experts and evidence. Those who attend will no longer "fear DNA" and will be much better equipped to analyze, present and defend DNA evidence.
  • A Defense Attorney's Perspective On How Parents Can Protect Their Teenagers From Themselves - May 2017- Ohio University-Lancaster Campus
  • Utah Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Salt Lake City, Utah, September 2015: "A Lawyer's Guide to Understanding and Challenging DNA Evidence in Sex Cases"
  • Rotary, Lancaster, Ohio, October 2015: "Cellphone Friend or Foe: A Defense Attorney's Perspective on Your Most Personal Possession"
  • Canal Winchester High School, Canal Winchester, Ohio, October 2015: "You Rights and How Not to Have to Use Them"
  • Rotary, Athens, Ohio, November 2015: "Cellphone Friend or Foe: A Defense Attorney's Perspective on Your Most Personal Possession"