College Drug Crimes

Defending College Students Against Drug Crime Charges

In today's world, many young people going through college will come in contact with drugs, whether at a college party, in the dorms or in some other circumstance. Although it is not uncommon for college students to come in contact with marijuana, cocaine and other drugs, the criminal charges that can stem from these situations can be extremely serious.

If you are facing drug crime charges or have a child who is a college student facing drug crime charges, you need strong criminal defense representation from an experienced drug crimes defense attorney.

I can help. At my law firm, I represent Ohio University students in drug crime and other criminal cases from my office in Athens. I have more than 20 years of criminal defense experience, a Ph.D. in criminology, and extensive knowledge and experience regarding forensic evidence in criminal cases.

In addition, I have a strong courtroom presence, backed by training in public speaking, to deliver strong, passionate arguments before the court. I do in-depth factual investigations — often in conjunction with local private investigator Stan Molnar — and thorough case preparation. I have a strong commitment to relentless efforts to provide effective defense for my clients and their children.

I defend college students against drug possession charges, drug trafficking charges, possession of drug paraphernalia charges, OVI charges and related criminal charges.

Please read my message to parents and my message to college students. I understand the challenges you are facing and the importance of defending you well. I commit to using all of my experience and resources to defeat the charges you are facing.