Domestic Violence

Defense Against Domestic Violence Charges

Many cases of domestic violence occur when an argument gets out of control, especially if one or both parties have been drinking. Even if the person who called the police or made the complaint decides to "drop" the charges later, that does not necessarily mean the charges will simply go away. Once a charge of domestic violence has been filed, only the prosecutor can dismiss the case.

A conviction for domestic violence or spousal abuse can include penalties such as jail time, restrictions on owning firearms, and the possibility of raising any future charges from a misdemeanor to a felony. It can also permanently affect your relationship with your family and your employment prospects.

Discussing your case with a criminal defense lawyer before you enter a plea is the best idea. As an attorney with more than 20 years of experience representing clients in Lancaster and Athens, Ohio, I can protect your rights from start to finish, representing you at all hearings. If you were charged with domestic violence, you may not realize that your freedom can be severely limited if you are convicted. With my help, however, you will avoid making critical errors that can harm your defense.

Protection Orders And Hearings

If a temporary protection order has been issued against you, there are numerous issues to face. You may be ordered to leave your home, stay away from the complaining party, and you may temporarily lose custody of your children.

Do not agree to a protection order or waive your right to a temporary protection order hearing without discussing your case with an attorney. Violating a temporary protection order or a civil protection order is a serious offense, and can result in a jail sentence and a fine.