Strong Defense Against Robbery Charges In Lancaster

A robbery charge may be the result of a false identification, mistaken identity or even a misunderstanding. Sometimes, a simple theft case can be enhanced to a felony robbery charge because someone (usually a security guard) gets injured in the process of a simple theft. If you are facing robbery charges in Ohio, you need the strongest defense possible in order to avoid a lengthy prison sentence.

Relentless And Committed Defense

I can help. At my law firm, I defend people charged with robbery and other violent crimes. I have more than 20 years of criminal defense experience, a Ph.D. in criminology, and extensive knowledge and experience regarding forensic evidence in criminal cases. In addition, I have a strong courtroom presence, backed by training in public speaking, and I can deliver strong, passionate arguments before the court. I do in-depth factual investigations — often in conjunction with private investigator Stan Molnar — and thorough case preparation. I have a strong commitment to relentless efforts to provide an effective defense for my clients.