When Charges of Drug Crimes Interrupt the Holidays

The 2016 holiday season is at hand. In Ohio and throughout the nation, millions of people are planning, shopping, traveling and enjoying time with co-workers and loved ones. For some, however, the light of the holidays has been dimmed due to charges of drug crimes or other related offenses that have resulted in serious trouble with the law.

Being charged for suspected illegal drug activity does not necessarily mean a conviction will be handed down in court. Countless past situations have occurred where people were falsely accused or prosecutors were unable to prove their cases beyond reasonable doubt. In fact, some people were simply in the wrong places at the wrong time and charges were dropped before their cases ever went to trial.

Having to call home and inform your family you have been arrested and charged with a crime is certainly not most people's idea of a fun holiday season. A key factor in obtaining a positive outcome in such circumstances often hinges on the type of defense presented in court. To begin building as strong a defense as possible, you may request immediate assistance from a criminal lawyer.

Andrew H. Stevenson, Attorney at Law, is prepared to explore all options available toward helping you stay out of jail and avoid conviction for drug crimes in Ohio. From evaluation of forensic evidence to thorough analysis of the process by which you were arrested, you can rely on skilled and experienced representation to help protect your rights and increase your chances of preserving your freedom. The sooner you take advantage of all defense options available to you, the likelier you can get back to celebrating the holidays with those you love the most.

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