Office Consultation - What to Expect

Once we have an initial phone conversation, the next step is to meet in person for an office consultation.

For the first meeting, I usually ask the client to bring any related paperwork they have with them. This may include: a complaint or indictment (charges), bond information, court dates, or police information. In addition to the more "formal" paperwork there may be other information that will help with your case. More and more social media is playing a large role the defense of criminal charges. Facebook and Twitter are standard sources of information used in investigating and building a defense. You should also bring copies of texts and emails. I can make copies of phone messages in my office, but if you wish to have them saved digitally ahead of time, that is fine.

It is also important to bring the names and phone numbers of potential witnesses who you believe can help with your case. Although we will work to build a comprehensive witness list, having a base starting point for me and my investigator is very helpful.

You should feel more than welcome to bring family members or friends along with you for an office consultation. Having me explain to family and friends the legal process and defenses relieves the client from having to do so. Also the more your support network understands the process, the better they will be able to support to you. However, it is important to note that in order to preserve confidentiality, there may be a need to meet privately with the client during the office consultation.

Some find it helpful to write questions down ahead of time. Although most questions will generally be answered by the general flow of the conversation, a pre-written list will help ensure that we cover all issues important to you. The more I can address your issues, the better I am able to build your defense.

Finally, you should leave your office consultation with your questions answered and an understanding of the basics of your case and defenses. Most importantly, you should feel comfortable knowing that you have the right attorney defending you.