Law and Society: Sexting and Sex Offender Registration - Part 1

In this episode of Law and Society, Andrew discusses sexting - electronically sending or sharing a sexually explicit image or text, and the ramifications:

  • Is it illegal for adults to sext?

  • Is it illegal for juveniles to sext?

  • If the age of consent is 16, why would you get charged for sexting if they are under 18?

  • What is ORC 2907.321 Pandering Obscenity involving a minor?

  • What are the possible consequences of sexting with someone under the age of 18?

  • What are examples of scams in regard to chat rooms and sexting.

  • How dangerous are chat rooms for juveniles?

  • What is sex offender registration?

  • What are the requirements of sex offender registration?

Listen to Part 2 here.