Law and Society: Miranda Rights and Speaking to the Police - Part 1

In this episode of Law and Society, Andrew discusses the very important issue of talking to the police. He covers questions you may have about Miranda warnings and custodial interrogation such as:

  • Why was the Miranda warning created?

  • What does the Miranda warning do?

  • What doesn’t the Miranda warning do?

  • Can any statements I make be used against me if I’m not Mirandized first?

  • Can my statements be used against me if I haven’t been arrested?

  • How do I know if I’m technically “in custody”?

  • Do the police have to read me my Miranda Warnings?

  • I was arrested and the police did not read me my Miranda rights, is that legal?

  • What is the magic phrase if I’m questioned by the police?

Listen to Part 2 here.