Four Ways a Conviction Can Ruin Your College Career

A criminal conviction is something that can negatively impact everyone's life. However, if you are a college student or are just beginning a new job, it can be especially devastating for several reasons.

Your Financial Aid May Be in Jeopardy

Just about any type of graduate or undergraduate education is a financially expensive endeavor. As a result, you may be among the many that are relying on financial aid. If you are convicted of a drug crime, however, you may no longer be eligible to receive federal financial aid, even if the crime in question was a minor possession charge.

Higher Education May Be Out of Reach

If you are considering graduate school, the last thing that you need is a criminal conviction. This is because virtually all graduate programs require you to disclose any convictions that you have. Even if your GPA, test scores and recommendations are impeccable, a conviction may mean that your application is rejected.

It Will Likely Be Harder to Get a Job

In addition to graduate school, virtually every employer nowadays does a criminal background check before making hiring decisions. Since many employers are reluctant to hire those with criminal records, a conviction may mean that the job goes to someone else. Additionally, a conviction may mean that you are unable to obtain a security clearance that many federal jobs require.

Certain Careers May Be Closed to You

If your career of choice requires you to obtain and maintain a license, such as medicine or law, having a conviction may complicate getting your license. This is especially true if your conviction is drug or alcohol related. As a result, a conviction can result in certain professional fields being closed to you, even if you have spent years and money obtaining the necessary undergraduate education.

Don’t Take Chances; Speak to an Attorney

If you are accused of a crime, your very future is on the line. In order to give yourself the best chance, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side. An attorney can listen to your situation and work on your behalf to secure the best outcome that is possible for you.

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