When Should I Call an Attorney? “Ask Andrew”

As an attorney, I cannot stress enough that is it never too soon to contact an attorney for help. Attorneys, like me, are here to help you through your difficult time. Delaying the call can often make the situation worse. Far too often individuals will call after they have spoken to the police, gone to court, or sought a self- remedy. At that point you may have made a mistake that will make solving the problem more difficult.

I realize that the first call may be seem intimidating or embarrassing. There is no need to be embarrassed because I am here to help. I do not judge, and I am only interested in helping you through your situation. The sooner I can begin to provide you with guidance, the more effective I can be at resolving your issue.

There is never a charge for the initial call. It is free to "Ask Andrew."

In your first call, I will spend the time necessary with you on the phone. My objective is to listen and assess how I am able to help you. I can provide the basic information you will need and get you started in the right direction. The initial call is usually followed up with an office visit. It is in the privacy of my office that we will begin to address the specifics of how I will defend your case.

Again, I stress, do not hesitate to contact me as soon as you find yourself in "hot water." The sooner we can communicate, the faster I can begin to defend you!