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  • Sex Crimes

    At trial, Andrew elicited over 150 “I don’t know” responses from the alleged victim during cross-examination. The phrase “I don’t know” was the ringing mantra of Andrew’s closing argument.

  • College Rape

    College athlete accused of rape at a party. Through investigation and negotiation, I was able to prevent charges from being filed and got the athlete reinstated on the team.

  • Title IX Defense

    The University Title IX Board found the male student NOT to be in violation of the Sexual Assault Code of Student Conduct.

  • Murder

    Client was charged with murder due to the child’s fractured skull and massive brain hemorrhage. Through the reconstruction of events and the use of a defense expert, I could show that injuries resulted from a fall.

  • Violent Crimes

    Client was accused of forcing his way into a house. Ultimately, I was able to demonstrate that the alleged victim was lying in an effort to cover up her illegal activity.

  • Drug Crimes

    Client found in possession of a large amount of marijuana after his vehicle was stopped. Client was facing over 6 years in prison and the case was ultimately dismissed.

  • OVI

    Client was accused of being under the influence of narcotics. Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) was successfully challenged.