Andrew is regarded by many to be one of the top attorneys in the state. And yet, he always takes the time to actually listen to his clients' concerns and calm their fears as he guides them step-by-step through the legal process. His dedication, his relentless attitude, and his vast knowledge of the law is unsurpassed as he works diligently to create a winning defense that is unique to each case. I am so thankful we had him on our team!
Mr. Stevenson has handled several cases for our family in the most recent months and we could not be any happier with the results in which he provided. Regardless of the actions that lead to his hire, Mr. Stevenson was able to represent both cases with the most effective results. We strongly believe that it was, without a doubt, Andrew's respected reputation and relationships with others within his profession that allowed for the fairest of terms to be provided on our behalf. This is specifically true in the latest case he handled for us, as it was not in the local courts; yet, Andrew represented our family with the same confidence as his own locality. Mr. Stevenson's office was, in every incident, the most professional in communication, often going above to satisfy our schedules and location of residence. We highly recommend Andrew for your case; not only will you receive professionalism but you will, without a doubt, experience an honest, straight forward attorney that truly has the intention to represent you(rs) with the highest level of confidence in the courts. Thank you Andrew...we are forever grateful for the work you put into our family's situations and wish you only the best.
Confidential Client
This was my first and hopefully only experience where I needed a defense attorney. At a very difficult time in my life, Andrew accepted my case after I had begun my defense with a different attorney. During my initial meeting with Andrew, it was clear he was a far superior attorney to the person that had been initially recommended to me. He asked me questions and made suggestions about my defense that my previous attorney had not thought of or mentioned in several meetings. I immediately decided to hire Andrew to replace my first attorney and it was the best decision I could have made. Andrew is extremely thorough and very detail oriented in his approach and I always left his office feeling much better about my situation than when I arrived. He kept me well informed of the progress with my case and quickly responded to any questions I had. Andrew's knowledge of the law is second to none and I would not hesitate to recommend him as a first class defense attorney. Additionally, I will forever consider him a friend!
I would highly recommend Mr. Stevenson. He helped my son with a legal matter. He was very straightforward on his objectives for resolution and fee structure. I was very pleased with the outcome of the matter.
Confidential Client
Andrew was hired for our son who was facing being charged with a crime he did not commit. In panic, we called Andrew. He arranged to meet with us and our son quickly and he had the right tools there for our son to tell his side of events without wasting time. Time was of the essence and important decisions needed to be made quickly. He calmed us and gave a detailed plan of what he needed to do. Additionally, his assistant Heather, expedited calls and shared in the calming of us. Most importantly, he believed in our son and knew that he would not do what he was accused of doing. Thanks to Andrew, our son is looking forward to the future.
Jodi Kay
Knowledgeable. Knew how the system was going to work and the best path to see us through. Compassionate. Understood the challenges we were going to face as a family, as well as individually, and provided the hard facts we needed to face them head on. Gets results. Pushed forward, was proactive and utilized resources that gave us results.
Our family is from WV but our 21-year-old son was arrested in the state of Ohio on three felony drug charges. We retained the counsel of Andrew Stevenson to defend our son against these charges and DEFEND is exactly what he did! This incident occurred in February 2015 and just a little over six months later Andrew had his case completely resolved with the court. Not only were the results favorable for our son but he was able to get two of the felonies completely dismissed. We feel that he worked very hard and negotiated with the prosecution on our son's behalf and was able to avoid having our young son become a convicted felon!!! We will be forever grateful to Andrew for that. He was always available to take our calls and answer every question we had concerning our son's case. If you are ever in need of a criminal defense attorney, Andrew Stevenson would be the right one for you!
I found Mr. Stevenson through the Internet to represent my son who is in Denver and I'm in NJ, scary situation to begin with. Andrew made me feel relaxed from the beginning he told me of the chances of my son having to return to Ohio to appear in court but I remained hopeful. My son has come so far from that time and truly deserved a break. Andrew was able to get the case dismissed. I would like to thank the prosecutor and judge for giving my son a clean slate and helping him keep the job he just got!
Confidential Client
Andrew helped us through an absolutely horrible situation. Being completely innocent of a crime but being placed through the Fairfield County proverbial legal ringer is nothing short of a nightmare. Andrew represented us well and was responsive to all of our questions and concerns in a timely fashion. I would highly recommend him for anyone who finds themselves trapped in a bad situation, especially in Fairfield County.
Mr. Stevenson was very honest in explaining the seriousness and potential outcomes of the situation in which I found myself. He developed a plan to show the extenuating circumstances in my case, and he was able to negotiate with prosecutors on my behalf and arrive at a favorable outcome for me. I have needed attorney services numerous times before, and have used at least seven different attorneys over the years. I would not hesitate to use Mr. Stevenson's services again if needed.
Andrew represented my husband and I in both a criminal and juvenile court matter. He was honest and upfront from the beginning and did a wonderful job explaining the process and his plan for us. Through the entire process, we were able to contact him through both email and phone calls. From past experiences with other lawyers, getting a return phone call or email was a rare thing so this was always a highlight for us with Andrew. He was always professional and strong in the courtroom but friendly when it was just us. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a lawyer. I have already recommended him to my friends who need a lawyer.
If you are looking for thorough, look no further than Andrew. Great defense attorney who takes his time and does the job right without gouging you in price. Very happy client!
Mr. Stevenson cared about our son as a person. He listened. He was available, responsive and kept us informed. Mr. Stevenson's knowledge of the court system and specifically our community contacts was invaluable to assisting with our defense. He believed and advocated for our young son to give him a second chance. We were fortunate to have found someone who cared as much as we did.
Andrew is simply one of the most remarkable attorneys I know, and I know a large number of them. He is compassionate and sympathetic, aggressive when necessary, and relentless in his dedication to achieving the best possible outcome for his clients. He saved my son's future. He is the only one I would trust to defend my freedom.
Attorney Stevenson took time with me and made sure all recent laws were examined before court appearances. He is very prepared and honest to work with. I am extremely pleased with my outcome. I always recommend Andrew if ever needed.
Jerry Osborn
My association with Andrew Stevenson has left me with a deep appreciation for attorney Stevenson and his staff. Their friendly, quick response to client and general inquiries constantly demonstrates a degree of concern, professionalism, knowledge and ability we all expect when we find it necessary to retain an attorney. His ability to successfully negotiate has eliminated many courtroom hours, while his ability as a trial lawyer wins cases. In a word: Andrew and his team are winners!
Susan Carr, Executive Director of OACDL
Andrew Stevenson served as president of the Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. During his tenure, he presided over a membership of 700-plus attorneys, providing leadership in a very thoughtful and professional manner. He was elected president during a time of economic turmoil in both the country and in our association. Andrew possessed the skills to not only keep the association in the black, but to provide outstanding guidance that resulted in gains in both membership and seminar attendance. His dedication to and his knowledge of the judicial process makes him a true advocate for citizens accused of crimes.
Kristina Mowery
I have had the personal experience of being represented by Mr. Stevenson, and I would recommend him to anyone seeking legal help. He was very straightforward with me and spoke to me as a human being and not as just another case. He listened to me when no one else would and I believe he actually believed in me. He is a wonderful attorney and just a great person in my eyes.

Before our first case, I asked five different local lawyers, "Who is the best defense attorney in Fairfield County?" Without hesitation, all five said Andrew Stevenson. Now, after working with Andrew on three occasions, he has guided us through the system with good results each time.