A Message to Parents

My Message To Parents Of College Students Facing Criminal Charges

As your lawyer, I will do everything I can to protect your child's future.

I understand the unique challenges involved with representing college students. You have made a significant investment in your child's education, and more importantly, you do not want a blotch on your child's record creating roadblocks in the future. I will take the defense of your child seriously and do everything I can to successfully resolve the case.

I am a criminal defense attorney with more than 20 years of experience defending clients in Ohio. I have consistently handled cases from my home office in Lancaster, and over the past 20 years, I have increasingly taken cases defending college students at Ohio University in Athens.

"Andrew is simply one of the most remarkable attorneys I know, and I know a large number of them. He is compassionate and sympathetic, aggressive when necessary, and relentless in his dedication to achieving the best possible outcome for his clients. He saved my son's future. He is the only one I would trust to defend my freedom."∙ A.B.

In addition to my extensive criminal defense experience, I have a Ph.D. in criminology and vast experience with more complex aspects of criminal defense, including forensic evidence and fact-based research. I combine this knowledge with a strong courtroom presence that connects with judges and juries, relentless commitment and effort, and a firm commitment to prepare and investigate each case thoroughly.

I have a reputation for always being over-prepared to defend my clients against all types of college crimes. In cases involving date rape allegations, I regularly work with a reputable local private investigator, Stan Molnar. Together we track down witnesses and knock on doors to piece together the true story for our clients. In DUI and drug-related cases, I use my knowledge and experience to break down toxicology reports and other forensic evidence to prove my clients are not guilty.