Self Defense and the USCCA

Attorney Andrew H. Stevenson has been a proud member of the Critical Response Team for the United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) since 2017. The USCCA is a membership and advocacy program that is dedicated to protecting individuals who wish to exercise their Second Amendment Right to carry a concealed firearm. One of the many benefits of USCCA membership is direct access to committed pro-Second Amendment attorneys who have been screened and personally selected to defend USCCA members against criminal charges should they be involved in a self-defense incident.

As a member of the Critical Response Team, Andrew H. Stevenson provides timely legal advice to members shortly after acting in self-defense. Andrew consults with the member, helps him or her navigate law enforcement, and works with prosecutors to try to resolve the situation. Should the member subsequently be criminally charged, Andrew is available to continue his representation and works to build the best self-defense case possible and present it to a jury.

The Constitution and laws of this country have always given the citizens of this great nation the legal right to defend themselves and their loved ones from unlawful lethal aggression. During these difficult and challenging times, please know that should you be forced to lawfully defend yourself, Andrew stands ready to defend you.

Andrew H. Stevenson is an experienced criminal defense attorney who has successfully defended many individuals who were charged with a crime even though they acted in self-defense. Should you have any questions about your constitutional or legal rights or need representation, please contact Andrew at (740) 483-0690. For more information about the USCCA or to become a member please visit