More Drunk Driving Patrols Expected During the Holidays

If you haven’t taken to the road for the holiday weekend, chances are that you will in the next day or two. In fact, next week is going to be huge for, even though it is the last one of the year. According to the American Automobile Association, millions of Americans will be taking to the roads to get to loved ones to celebrate the holiday season with loved ones. Indeed, snowy weather will make driving conditions treacherous at times, but Ohio state troopers and local police agencies across the state will be looking for drunk drivers. 

Additional patrols will be in force because it is fairly common (and unfortunate) for drivers to drive (sometimes unknowingly) with a blood alcohol concentration that is above the legal limit in the state of Ohio. But it is not just the legal infraction that has law enforcement worried around this time of year, it is also the potential for fatal accidents caused by drunk driving. Crashes during the holidays tend to garner headlines that put additional pressure on law enforcement.

So with this known, drivers must be especially vigilant during holiday parties and family gatherings when drinking alcohol. You could be above the legal limit without being “sloppy” drunk. Indeed, you are entitled to certain legal protections if you are stopped on suspicion of drunk driving, but arguably the best defense against criminal charges is not being in the realm where you could be charged.

The preceding is not legal advice. For questions on your rights after being charged with a crime, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney.