Internet Sex Crimes

Defense Against Importuning And Other Internet Sex Crimes

In Ohio and across the U.S., arrests for possession of child pornography and other Internet sex crimes have risen drastically. Why? Because law enforcement is under pressure to reduce sex crimes involving minors.

To catch alleged sexual predators, however, police may use questionable methods. If you were charged with importuning or another Internet sex crime, speak with a Lancaster importuning attorney immediately. I provide sex crimes defense throughout the Greater Columbus area.

I Provide An Aggressive Defense Against Sex Crime Charges

If you were charged with importuning or Internet solicitation of a minor, you are facing felony penalties, including having to register as a sex offender nationally and on Ohio's sex offender registry. You may also receive a prison sentence if you are convicted. Simply being charged with a sex crime involving a minor can permanently damage your reputation and relationships. It is critical to retain a lawyer as soon as possible to minimize the criminal and personal effects of the charges.

Internet sex crimes can include offenses such as possession or distribution of child pornography and online solicitation of a minor. If you have been charged with these crimes, you may feel as though no one can help you, but there are defenses to these charges. With my experience and my access to private investigators, I know how to build a compelling defense.

I will investigate the police procedure to determine whether your constitutional rights were violated. Police officers may have used entrapment by operating an online sting in a chat room. By thoroughly examining the evidence and the arrest record, I may discover that police used illegal tactics during their investigation. Exposing these violations of your rights may allow me to argue for the suppression of evidence and the reduction or dismissal of the charges.

In addition, I can challenge the prosecution's assertion that you were in possession of child pornography. It is important to investigate how the images appeared on your computer. Perhaps another person had access to your computer. The images could have been downloaded without your knowledge.