Child Endangerment & Murder

Defense Against Child Endangerment Charges

Have you been falsely accused of child abuse/shaken baby syndrome (SBS)? I represent parents and caretakers such as stepparents and grandparents who have been charged with child endangerment and murder.

As one of the few lawyers in Ohio who has significant understanding of and experience with false allegations of SBS/child abuse, I know how to gather and examine the medical evidence necessary to defend you. In addition, I can help you with Child Protective Services and getting your children back. From my offices in Lancaster and Athens, I have more than 20 years of experience handling child abuse cases, and I have a Ph.D. and a wealth of forensic knowledge that I use to win cases for my clients. I will do everything I can to help you.

Felony Child Endangerment And Murder Charges

If your child was injured and doctors or law enforcement officers have accused you of abuse, you may be charged with felony child endangerment in the second degree. A parent or caregiver accused of allowing the abuse to occur may be charged with felony child endangerment in the third degree. These are all serious charges, especially if the prosecution seeks to increase the possible punishment by "stacking" the charges. If doctors or the state claims that your child has injuries inflicted at different times, the state may file a separate charge for each alleged instance of abuse, thereby "stacking" several counts in one indictment.

It is best to have an attorney represent you throughout the entire process. Prosecutors may attempt to play parents against each other by charging one of them with permitting the abuse. They may coerce you into pleading guilty and blaming the other parent for the abuse by saying that if you are both convicted, your child will lose both parents.

In the worst cases, when a child has died, parents may be charged with murder. A conviction for murder can send you to prison for life. You will need an attorney with extensive experience working with forensic evidence and medical experts. I have this experience and a network of high-quality medical experts.