Drug Trafficking

Strong Drug Trafficking Defense In Ohio

Drug trafficking means selling, attempting to sell, or offering to sell any narcotic or prescription drug. In addition, simply possessing a large amount of illegal or prescription drugs can result in drug trafficking charges, even if the drug is only for your personal use. This often means that drug trafficking charges are sometimes filed against individuals who have no intention of selling. If this has happened to you, you are being overcharged for a crime you did not commit. With an experienced lawyer's help, however, you can fight back.

I am a drug crimes defense attorney serving clients in Lancaster and Athens, Ohio. I know how law enforcement and prosecutors charge and build drug cases. They often overcharge crimes, use questionable tactics in their investigations and obtain evidence improperly. I will examine your case for constitutional rights violations as part of my defense strategy. My drug crimes practice includes cases involving heroin possession, meth, marijuana, cocaine and Ecstasy trafficking, as well as drug crimes involving prescription drugs such as OxyContin, Vicodin/hydrocodone, lorazepam and Xanax.

Trafficking And Manufacturing Charges In Ohio

Illegal search and seizure is often an issue in drug cases. The police must have probable cause to search you, your home or your vehicle. I will review police reports and the arrest record to determine whether the police violated your constitutional rights

Depending on the amount of drugs in your possession at the time of your arrest, you could be charged with trafficking, which is a felony. There is a surprisingly small difference between the amount of drugs that constitute a possession charge and a distribution or trafficking charge. A conviction for drug trafficking may include a multiyear prison sentence and a large fine.

In the Columbus area, trafficking charges are very common. Traffic stops on U.S. 33, I-70, I-71 and I-270 often result in trafficking charges. Were you a victim of profiling by police? Was your vehicle searched illegally during a traffic stop? I will investigate your case and hold police accountable for violating your rights.

Trafficking and manufacturing charges are also common in Ohio for methamphetamine. Meth labs in the Greater Columbus area have resulted in a crackdown by law enforcement. I can also defend you if you were charged with conveyance or bringing drugs into prison.