Cultivation of Marijuana

Defense Against Charges Involving Growth And Cultivation Of Marijuana

Although marijuana cultivation (especially for personal use) is becoming more common, it is still illegal in Ohio. While other states may be starting to legalize the growing, selling and possession of marijuana, it is still a crime in Ohio. Aerial surveillance operations and other undercover activities are constantly being conducted to find growing marijuana and charge those involved.

I am a Lancaster and Athens, Ohio, attorney who has been defending clients against drug charges for more than 20 years. If you are under investigation or have been arrested for growing marijuana, contact me today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your situation and options.

Authorities Take Marijuana Grow Houses Very Seriously

Although small marijuana basement grow rooms could lead to minor charges, drug cultivation can result in much more serious charges, including felony possession or even trafficking, which could lead to serious fines and incarceration. It is critical to defend against these charges aggressively and strategically.

Exploring Possible Defenses

There may be a viable defense in your case, which is why you should not just plead guilty. As an experienced attorney, I will look into every detail of your cannabis cultivation case to determine possible defenses, some of which include:

  • Whether the search of your home, person, car or property was legal.
  • Whether you were growing marijuana for your personal use.
  • Whether the amount of marijuana allegedly found is accurate. You have the right to have the drugs re-weighed.
  • Whether laboratory analysis was performed and interpreted correctly.

I am here to be an aggressive advocate for you in and out of court. I will negotiate with the prosecutor on your behalf to get the best possible plea bargain. If a trial is necessary or the right option, you can count on me to be prepared and thorough in my approach.