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Shaken Baby Syndrome Archives

The History of SBS and How It Relates to Defending False Allegations of Abuse - Part 2

After Shaken Baby Syndrome gained a strong foothold as the preferred medical diagnosis for infants who presented with the triad, legally the diagnosis became synonymous with "clear unrefutable evidence of abuse." Because no other "reasonable" explanation existed, once a child (particularly non-moving infants) had been diagnosed with the triad or SBS, defending such an allegation seemed impossible. Even though the theory of SBS and the causal link between shaking and triad had never been tested, it had also not been "disproved" because the pure scientific method cannot be employed to test the theory. Hence, convictions for child abuse seemed to be of common course, that was until the Louise Woodward case and subsequent research.

The History of SBS and How It Relates to Defending False Allegations of Abuse - Part 1

Understanding the development of Shaken Baby Syndrome can lead to a better understanding of the medical allegations levied against parents falsely accused of abuse. In a two-part post, I review the history of the development of SBS in an effort to reveal some of the shortcomings of the theory as well as give insight into defending false allegations of abuse.

Defining and Explaining Shaken Baby Syndrome and Abusive Head Trauma

Often the terms associated with SBS/AHT are improperly used interchangeably. When mixed with difficult medical jargon, the terms can often cause considerable confusion among clients, lawyers, judges and juries. In this post, I explain some of the common terms used in the SBS arena and identify why they are used, relate their development to the history of SBS/AHT, and briefly address some of the problems that will present themselves to those who have been falsely accused of abuse.

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