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What is a Motion to Suppress?

A Motion to Suppress is a formal, written request to a judge to exclude or suppress certain evidence from trial. The most common reason for filing a Motion to Suppress is because law enforcement violated a client's constitutional or statutory right. The three most common constitutional violations that lead to the filing of a Motion to Suppress are: (1) the police failed to read Miranda warnings before custodial questioning, (2) the police searched a house or vehicle without a warrant, and (3) the police improperly stopped a motorist. (The process of a Motion to Suppress is explained in a separate blog.)

When Should I Call An Attorney? "Ask Andrew"

As an attorney, I cannot stress enough that is it never too soon to contact an attorney for help. Attorneys, like me, are here to help you through your difficult time. Delaying the call can often make the situation worse. Far too often individuals will call after they have spoken to the police, gone to court, or sought a self- remedy. At that point you may have made a mistake that will make solving the problem more difficult.

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