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What role does forensics have in criminal justice?

Some people who are facing criminal charges balk at the thought of having to take the time to go through the evidence that is being used against them. These individuals might not realize that being meticulous in reviewing this evidence can often help the defense to find points that can be disputed in order to introduce reasonable doubt. In many cases, scrutinizing forensic evidence is a must for the defense.

Experts Are Not Always Expert- Ray Krone

A common mistake often made in criminal cases is the blind acceptance of a witness as an expert. This is no more evident than in the case of Ray Krone. Ray was convicted and sentenced to die based upon the testimony of a dentist whose opinion was rooted in the faulty and inexact method of bite mark to teeth comparisons. Further, the dentist's findings were later shown to be incorrect by DNA. How could this happen, how could the dentist be allowed to testify at trial? Ray Krone, like many others, was not only a victim of poor police work and junk science, but also of timing.

When Experts Get it Wrong - The Ray Krone Story

One ordinary night in 1991 a young barmaid, Kim Ancona, was sexually assaulted and brutally murdered after closing time at a local lounge in Phoenix, Arizona. There was little physical evidence, no witnesses, no murder weapon found and no apparent motive. The only distinctive evidence in the case was a bite mark found on Kim's body. Ray Krone was an average citizen, a retired Air Force veteran and a postal worker who loved to play darts at the local bar where Kim Ancona worked. Other than his being a patron of the bar, the only other connection between the two was that Ray had given her a ride home a few weeks past.

How Do I Challenge an Expert Witness?

Often in criminal cases Expert Witnesses are called to offer expert testimony at trial. A witness who is qualified as an expert may offer an opinion on a topic. For example, the expert may say that in his opinion the bullet recovered from the body was fired by this gun or the note handed to the bank teller was written by the Defendant. (Lay witnesses are not permitted to offer opinion testimony.) Yet, far too often the expert testifies without challenge from the defense. More troubling, sometimes the "expert" is not really a qualified expert or the method he used to reach his conclusion is faulty.

Why Do the Hospital Doctors and Defense Experts Disagree?

How then can there be a difference of opinion between the hospital doctors who claim abuse and the defense medical experts who say otherwise? This question must usually be confronted in preparing a defense to a claim of false abuse. At some point either a judge or jury will be forced to choose between the experts from the hospital and the defense medical experts. Understanding why there is a difference of opinion is critical to successfully defending a false claim of abuse. Below I address a few of the reasons why the two "sides" often disagree.

What Kinds of Medical Experts Will I Need to Defend Myself Against False Accusations

In order to successfully defend a false claim of child abuse or shaken baby abuse you will need the assistance of medical experts. I am often asked about the different kinds of experts and what exactly each type of expert does. Below I give a brief explanation of the different kinds of medical experts needed to assist your defense attorney in building your coordinated and comprehensive defense.

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