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February 2017 Archives

In certain cases involving drug crimes, drug court a possibility

Those in Ohio who are charged with certain drug offenses may have the option to have their cases moved to drug court. In short, drug court offers a court-supervised treatment program for drug addiction. Drug crimes are not taken lightly by the state, so there are very specific qualifications one must meet in order to have his or her case moved to drug court. If you are admitted into this treatment program, criminal punishment may be waived if it is successfully completed.

Auto-brewery syndrome, a possible DUI criminal defense

In Ohio and elsewhere, DUI cases may be dismissed for a number of reasons, including lack of evidence, testing errors and medical issues -- among others. When it comes to medical issues, there is one in particular that can cause a high blood-alcohol readout on a breath test, even if the individual accused of impaired driving has not partaken of any alcohol. The disorder, known as auto-brewery syndrome, is a real thing and may be used as a criminal defense in a DUI case.

Ohio felonies: What elevates a crime to felony status?

Criminal charges are filed based on the severity of the crime allegedly committed. There are misdemeanors, which are considered relatively minor in nature, and there are felonies, which are for those crimes which are more severe. In the state of Ohio, what is it that elevates a crime to felony status?

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