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October 2014 Archives

What is a Motion to Suppress?

A motion to suppress is a formal, written request to a judge to exclude or suppress certain evidence from trial. The most common reason for filing a motion to suppress is because law enforcement violated a client's constitutional or statutory right. For example: the police failed to read Miranda warnings before custodial questioning, the police searched without a warrant, or the police improperly stopped a motorist.

How Do I Challenge an Expert Witness?

Often in criminal cases Expert Witnesses are called to offer expert testimony at trial. A witness who is qualified as an expert may offer an opinion on a topic. For example, the expert may say that in his opinion the bullet recovered from the body was fired by this gun or the note handed to the bank teller was written by the Defendant. (Lay witnesses are not permitted to offer opinion testimony.) Yet, far too often the expert testifies without challenge from the defense. More troubling, sometimes the "expert" is not really a qualified expert or the method he used to reach his conclusion is faulty.

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