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December 2012 Archives

Defining and Explaining Shaken Baby Syndrome and Abusive Head Trauma

Often the terms associated with SBS/AHT are improperly used interchangeably. When mixed with difficult medical jargon, the terms can often cause considerable confusion among clients, lawyers, judges and juries. In this post, I explain some of the common terms used in the SBS arena and identify why they are used, relate their development to the history of SBS/AHT, and briefly address some of the problems that will present themselves to those who have been falsely accused of abuse.

Why Do the Hospital Doctors and Defense Experts Disagree?

How then can there be a difference of opinion between the hospital doctors who claim abuse and the defense medical experts who say otherwise? This question must usually be confronted in preparing a defense to a claim of false abuse. At some point either a judge or jury will be forced to choose between the experts from the hospital and the defense medical experts. Understanding why there is a difference of opinion is critical to successfully defending a false claim of abuse. Below I address a few of the reasons why the two "sides" often disagree.

What Kinds of Medical Experts Will I Need to Defend Myself Against False Accusations

In order to successfully defend a false claim of child abuse or shaken baby abuse you will need the assistance of medical experts. I am often asked about the different kinds of experts and what exactly each type of expert does. Below I give a brief explanation of the different kinds of medical experts needed to assist your defense attorney in building your coordinated and comprehensive defense.

How Do I Get the Medical Records I Need to Defend the False Allegations?

In a previous post I identified and discussed the different types of medical records that are commonly needed to defend a false claim of abuse. But how does one go about getting all of the records?

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