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Overview of Criminal Cases Archives

The Steps in a Criminal Jury Trial

There are six primary steps in a criminal jury trial: jury selection, opening statements, presentment of the state or prosecutor's case, presentment of the defendant's case, closing arguments, and jury deliberations.

An Overview of the Process in a Criminal Case

A criminal case begins with the creation of a Complaint or Indictment. A Complaint (misdemeanor) or Indictment (felony) is a written statement that alleges a violation of law by a person at particular time in a particular place. For example, On May 1, 2014 in Fairfield County, Ohio, John Smith did unlawfully take property belonging to Walmart. The Complaint/Indictment is filed with the court and a copy is served or provided to the accused. Once a Complaint/Indictment is filed and served, the case is then scheduled for the first court appearance called an arraignment.

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