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August 2014 Archives

An Overview of the Process in a Criminal Case

A criminal case begins with the creation of a Complaint or Indictment. A Complaint (misdemeanor) or Indictment (felony) is a written statement that alleges a violation of law by a person at particular time in a particular place. For example, On May 1, 2014 in Fairfield County, Ohio, John Smith did unlawfully take property belonging to Walmart. The Complaint/Indictment is filed with the court and a copy is served or provided to the accused. Once a Complaint/Indictment is filed and served, the case is then scheduled for the first court appearance called an arraignment.

When Should I Call An Attorney? "Ask Andrew"

As an attorney, I cannot stress enough that is it never too soon to contact an attorney for help. Attorneys, like me, are here to help you through your difficult time. Delaying the call can often make the situation worse. Far too often individuals will call after they have spoken to the police, gone to court, or sought a self- remedy. At that point you may have made a mistake that will make solving the problem more difficult.

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