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March 2014 Archives

The Limits of DNA Evidence

DNA evidence is a powerful forensic tool and can play a critical role in a criminal case - either by excluding a person or by providing strong evidence of inclusion. Yet, few truly understand the limits of DNA evidence in a criminal case. We have all had the experience of hearing a news report that a suspect's DNA was found or is a "match." Most immediately jump to the conclusion that the individual "must have done it." Yet, months down the road we learn that no charges are being brought or the person was found not guilty. How is this possible?

DNA and Transference: The Lukis Anderson Story

In late 2012, Raveesh Kumra, a wealthy investor in San Jose, California was murdered in his home during a home-invasion robbery. Mr. Kumra was found blindfolded, tied and gaged. He suffocated to death on tape used to silence him. The investigation led to a belief that a prostitute had provided local gang members with information about the layout of the victim's home as well as the valuables inside.

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